Falling in Love

Coming up on half a century of life I have learned a few things. I’ve made loads of mistakes and since becoming an expert it seems best that I keep making them ๐Ÿ˜‰

As an aging woman, the one thing I had heard about and didn’t actually anticipate is falling in love.

Withย myself.



Aging has brought me the confidence to laugh the way I laugh, to look the way I look, to like what I like and to be the way I am. Sensitive and all.

These days I make the effort to say ‘no’. I make the effort to no longer justify moods. I trust myself more now than ever. I make the effort to take care of myself. And it seems to get easier (and more desirable!) with each passing year.

I almost (always a work in progress and I have my days) no longer give a flying fuck about what others think of me anymore because I have learned that what anyone else thinks of me is none of my business. I’ve heard that statement before but now I totally get it! LIBERATING.

Thus.. underwear and a crown. I have finally embraced who I am and how I look – and I like it! DAMN that feels good!! And when you feel that good you slap that crown on your head, embrace that physical body and strut your damn stuff!

Okay… that being said, I do have days where the crown falls off and I just want to stay tucked up under the blankets – I’m still human and, to remind you, an expert at mistakes…

With this blog I plan to share some insights, mistakes and love with the hope that someone reads it and it makes their life a little easier.. a little lighter.. and less alone. Connecting and sharing with people in any way, shape or form makes my own life better because it reminds me that I’M not alone.

To the future..




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