Authentically Challenged..

It IS possible I have too much time on my hands…. but wow.. I learned something recently..


I use social media regularly for personal and business purposes. Perhaps it’s because I’m old, not tech savvy enough, OBLIVIOUS…? but I had NO idea how many people pay for followers and likes. Particularly on Instagram.. (I also tend to live with my head in the clouds and believe what people tell me – just who I am 😉

What I don’t understand is how is that .. REAL..? I mean isn’t that important anymore? I understand the concept behind it. I understand we live in a culture of following the masses but when the masses are following fake content (followers), what does that say about what we’re really after? We just see a group of people and start running with them off the proverbial cliff??

What about the people buying these followers.. isn’t that perpetuating the age-old message that to be popular by any means is what’s important? Wow, man, I thought we were getting away from that ….

For me it comes down to value. Honesty is one of my values and honesty is HARD, humbling, VULNERABLE but, oh, so worth it. It makes it SO much easier to connect when there’s less bullshit to sift through. It’s one thing to be unaware of certain truths.. it’s another thing entirely to knowingly cover up truth. Word on the street is that’s called lying.

We all have choices – thankfully. I will stick with my own in having some integrity and consciously offering honesty to others and also to myself. That, in my opinion, is how we get to the land of trust.

I gotta say I’ve spent enough time with my feathers up about this and at the end of the day it’s on me – no one else.

I choose to engage with others that have the same values as I do. Simple really.

Be careful when you blindly follow the masses – sometimes the ‘m’ is silent.

Authenticity doesn’t always come easy but damn it’s a good feeling when you get there!



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