The Battle to Rest

I just woke up from my nap and tried to put my coffee into the cupboard to warm it up.

Ever have those days when it seems like there is EVERYTHING to do and no time or energy to do it..? Me too. Today for example.

Add to that my fucking hormones have decided to develop their own demon like personalities and the battle is ON…

Jen versus Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and potentially the ring leader – Thyroid…..  Not even Bruce Buffer around to introduce any of us. I’ll have to see what I can do about that…..


SO not in the mood for a fight because as I mentioned – I’ve got shit to do! And, quite frankly, I’m TIRED. But, alas, the hormones won (temporarily) and instead of trying to fend off the attackers, I succumbed.

I preach self care. I firmly and with my whole heart believe that self care is lacking in our society as a whole and in women particularly.

Generally speaking, we place very little priority on recovery. ‘There is no time. Other things need to be done. We’ll get to it later.’  etc….


We end up sleep deprived, under fueled (lack of food, lack of hydration – and no, coffee and wine don’t count. I asked), under exercised and sometimes damn resentful that none of the running around has anything to do with what we want to do. Or better what we need to do in order to THRIVE.

There’s a concept, hey..? THRIVE.

  • prosper; flourish

Wonder how many can apply that word to their existence..

I, for one, would like to thrive. I really and truly want to feel good and rested. I want to be beneficially productive. I want to be able to give as a mom and as a coach. I also want to (need to) be honest with myself and recognize that if I really want to thrive, I need to make some space for that to happen. Thus.. the nap.

Instead of staring overwhelmed at my computer screen ready to pour gasoline on it and light it on fire, instead of staring with one eye open at my glitchy phone ready to cry because I’m simply exhausted – I grabbed a blanket, walked to my sofa, set my timer for 25 minutes and closed my eyes to a sweet, glorious slumber.

I may have been a little haste in trying to get my engines moving afterward BUT I will take pride in the fact that I made time for self care. For me.

And while I may not feel like I’m thriving right now, the fog and frustration has cleared and I feel like I can tackle another hour or two with clarity and calm..

The computer will see another day.. those egotistical hormones have retreated for the time being.

Life is good. 🙂




  1. Real. That’s what I love most about this post. Let’s take care of US and then we’ll be able to better take care of others. Your post is going on my blog roundup for next Friday 🙂

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  2. […] The Battle to Rest is the title of a blog post at Underwear and a Crown, a new-to-me WP blog. It is written by a life coach (she doesn’t publicly disclose her name) who talks about the feeling that so many of us seek: to feel good and rested. It’s not so easy as it sounds! I like the tongue-in-cheek tone of this post, as well as the uplifting overall message. Give it a read and let her know what you think. […]


    • Thank you for this! Perhaps it would be wise to reveal my name to better connect to some of these amazing writers! An oversight on my part and I appreciate you mentioning it. Looking very forward to more of your posts and highlighted writers! Cheers to the weekend!


  3. I confess, I read this again (maybe for the 3rd time…)! So much of what you shared is so close to my own life that it makes me smile… and laugh at the part about torching the laptop! (On occasion, I cuss at mine, then feel bad and tell it how great it is! LOL) Thank you for being so real which I believe creates a true esprit de corps!

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