All The Hands

Got a bit of a shift happening these days.. I’m feeling a little lost but at the same time very focused.. On being lost maybe …?? hahaha!

I have a lot going on – as we all do.

Isn’t it amazing how many people are willing to help – IF YOU LET THEM…?

My kids really helped me out this week. Especially kid 2. As well, my friends have been straight up there for me when I’ve needed them as has my mom. #blessed

In the past, I’ve been pissy and frustrated about not getting help. And it’s taken me awhile to learn that:

— being silent about all that I have to do and could use help with – will not get me help.

— Complaining about all that I have to do does NOT convey the message that I need help. (Complaining is a terrible habit anyway and should be stopped always and in all ways.)

— Refusing help when it’s offered to me does not get me help. Weird, hey…?

— Correcting the help I do receive will not KEEP my help. And it’s just rude. Don’t do it.

If you are in a bit of a pickle OR if you are stuck right in the middle of the pickle jar! please give someone the opportunity to help you. If you’re like me, you give subtle hints and then become upset when no one understands you. You need to speak up and speak clear. It’s not on anyone else to guess what you need. It’s on you. By asking for help, you’re not relinquishing your power, you’re owning it. You are taking responsibility for the direction of your life by getting shit done whatever it takes – SUPER COOL!!

It’s truly amazing how good everyone feels when help is allowed to take place. LET someone in when they surface for you and take heart in knowing you would do the same for them – right? You know you would.

BE AVAILABLE to experience trust and relief and gratitude.

That shit feels good .. AND it’s contagious so really you’re making the world a better place. A win for all!


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