The Other Shoe

‘waiting for the other shoe to fall’

Ever find yourself waiting for that …? Why?

I have noticed that there are several people who abide by this way of thinking. I’ve certainly done it. But .. to what merit..?

When something good happens to us we get excited – as we should! A pleasant surprise of maybe something we’ve worked for.. what a wonderful feeling!! And then.. as though dark clouds come rolling in (though they actually haven’t), we begin to think negatively. We actually rob ourselves of feeling good by thinking poorly about what comes next. Even though we have NO idea what that might be!!

Talk about self sabotage… we weren’t – but let’s…

‘They’ talk about how important it is to stay in the present. To be mindful of where we’re at NOW. When it comes to waiting for the other shoe to fall thinking, it would appear to be very useful to stay in the moment. And actually very disadvantageous to leave that moment. Particularly when in doing so one decides to grab a dark cloud and carry it around. As though clinging to it will somehow provide… reassurance…? That you were right…? That the proverbial shoe is actually going to fall…?

Well. That’s bullshit.

If there is going to be a way of thinking yourself into reassurance, shouldn’t it be by clinging to something bright…? and light…? Why do we have to wait for the other shoe to fall… Why can’t we simply stay in that special, feel good moment…? ‘They’ also say sometimes that ‘it’s too good to be true.’ But.. what if it isn’t …? What if there ARE good and true things? Is it really worth it to wish them away with thoughts of inevitable doom..? Because guess what..  You ➙ me ➙ all of us are worthy of good things. All of us deserve to have some lightness and brightness in our lives. When something happens to you, for you or simply in front of you, mind your mind. Notice where your thoughts take you.

Do you believe you’re worthy of good…? I believe you are.

That other shoe…? Fuck it. Whether or not it falls, it doesn’t change what’s happening right.. now. And besides.. IF the shoe falls…? Pick it up. Then get back to enjoying your moment.

Just. Like. That.


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