Just for today

tiny buddha

Quotes. They’re my jam. They lift me up, they motivate me, they make me feel like I’m not alone, they understand me sometimes more than I understand myself.

I was thinking about how lucky I am to even have the time to sift through these quotes. Knowing that isn’t the case for everyone, I thought I’d share some of the quotes I’m feeling today.. because I’ve also been thinking about my circle of people and that I’m a very blessed woman to have them in my life.

simple reminders

Today I don’t feel a struggle and it’s so nice to get a break from that. Though I love the reminder and reassurance of this quote. When I AM feeling overwhelmed, I do what I can to ground myself. Listen to calming music.. Slow the pace.. Not engage with anyone.. Meditate.. Look through quotes 😉  .. Write.. Sometimes I need to simply get away from the space I spend most of my time. And sometimes I just need to stay there….

deep breaths

Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body. THIS. IS TRUE. And in time I hope to enlighten more and more to this wisdom. Including myself as I sometimes forget to come back to this. Try it. On any given day.. you don’t have to feel down to do it.. it’s an excellent calming and levelling practice for life.


I’ll finish with this… YOU get to choose how you perceive your reality. Try your best to remember that. In life you have choices. I know a young woman that is losing her fight with cancer and guess what… even she is making the choice to kick some ass out of every day that she has left. Is her path the same as yours…? No, of course not. We all have our own.. and that’s my point. It’s YOURS. YOU get to walk however you choose. Take advantage of that..

My wish for you today is that if and when you’re feeling up to it you stand tall with your weight even in both of your feet and your head reaching for the sky.. breathe deep and know that there are others out here just like you.

You’re beautiful. You’re loved. I’m glad you’re alive. – ♥

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