The Value of Meal Planning

Fitmencook’s Top 7 Tips for Meal Prep

You don’t have to race obstacle courses to appreciate the value of meal prep. I just happen to like the simple tips they give in this article.

As a stay at home mom, solopreneur and generally on the go type gal, I have found that making the effort to plan out my food intake for the week has been SO beneficial!


» First off – COST. Planning ahead eliminates grabbing food (at the grocery store) that I might make for dinner. It also puts a focus on why I’m grocery shopping in the first place. I don’t end up buying extra food. And the food I do buy doesn’t go to waste. I use it all. BOOM! Love that.

» I am NOT creative all the time and frankly sometimes I get overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out what the hell I’m going to eat at any given hour. Never mind what I’m going to feed my kids.Planning helps take the constant thinking out of it. Just another area to simplify life. Yes. Please.

» Sometimes I end up on the run which means I’m unable to sit down and eat. No problem. Grab my planned out food and off I go. No thinking and no guilt and no COST because I don’t have to grab some shitty overpriced packaged filler from X coffee shop.

» Sometimes I’m PMS’ing, flat out cranky or maybe just feeling sorry for myself. In those moments I reach for whatever is handy. When I meal plan and prep at least I have the option of grabbing something healthier. Though sometimes that happens to be a bag of potato chips. Let’s be real. Life isn’t linear, right? I believe there ARE occasions when indulging is healthy for you.

» The best part of meal prep is you don’t have to hire a service to do it. YOU can do it. It’s best to start small… I like to pile recipes into a Pinterest folder to refer to. I also like to write out my plan for the week in a notebook – because I sort of have a love affair affection for notebooks.. and pens.. coloured pens… SIGHHHH…..


There’s no right or wrong to prepping your food. It’s what works best for YOU. When the planning is all done – I like to do that on Sundays – and the prepping is all done – I like to do that Sundays and Wednesdays or Thursdays – then you have a little more room in your brain and in your week to do or not do as you wish.

I’ve included one of my favourite breakfast recipes here:

Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets – skinnytaste

** I don’t meal plan every week… I’m human.. but I try. Even if it’s just so I can use my notebook 😉


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