Seeking to change your life..? To shed the old and embrace the new you’ve envisioned for so long…? Or maybe you just can’t live the way you’ve been living anymore… Yup. Me too.

Self help propaganda can be so motivating, informative, validating and OVERWHELMING.

Here’s the thing… NO ONE has the exact same experience as you. NO ONE is you.

I am the first to try to inspire and nudge people (including myself) toward their destination of choice.. or away from the destination not chosen anymore. I fully support and am grateful for the concept of charging forward with a map.

But sometimes there’s no charge. And sometimes you spill shit on your map and can’t make out if it’s a left.. or a right.

The self help industry tells us ‘do this’ – ‘don’t do that’ – ‘if you do/don’t do then you’re this/not this’…

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to tune into what works best for YOU. Read the books, listen to the podcasts, ask the questions and make the steps but don’t feel bad if you don’t do it ALL. It’s sort of self defeating then, non…? Pick and choose and apply in YOUR way. THAT’S the right way, baby! And I don’t mean the way you’ve always done it. Nope. I mean the way that rings true for you. Give yourself space from time to time. It’ll come to you.


And don’t forget to get busy making shit happen. Really. GET TO WORK. It won’t happen any other way. I’ve tried really, really hard to just watch it happen but it appears that change requires effort, persistence, insistence, heart, hustle and a solid tribe that believes in you. Whether that’s one person or 10.

And while you’re hustling…? BE PATIENT!! This stuff doesn’t happen because you’ve been meditating and manifesting for a week. Because you’ve made the effort and changed some small things, the big ones don’t magically arrive.. it doesn’t work like that. You’ve taken time to get to where you are.. give yourself time to get to where you want to be. BREATHE.. trust in you. Don’t know how to do that? Practice. It’s a most important skill and you NEED to have it.

To all of us taking steps right now and making waves… ONWARD!


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