Stress 1 – Jen 0

What I want to tell Stress right now is to kiss. my. ass.

I’ve been making great changes in my life both physically and mentally. It’s been overdue, it’s been a haul and it’s been fucking awesome. However…

With great change comes great stress. It’s practically inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. In fact, I’m cool with having stress. I welcome the opportunity to heighten my senses, to laser beam my focus and to gain the energy to DO ALL THE THINGS!

DO ALL THE THINGS has become DO NOTHING on 4 occasions now.

You guys, I just finished my second evening in a row (4th time in the last week) of pain. Gut pain. I wanted to roll up in a ball but found it difficult because my upper belly tripled in size and the pressure of that made me want to keep straight.

I have had dime size gallstones, ruptured ovarian cysts, 2 babies that weighed more than 9 pounds with no drugs – and then 2 with drugs (finally got the damn timing right!!) – I do understand pain. THIS pain is, to me, frustrating and ridiculous and keeping me from ALL THE THINGS!!

Yesterday it lasted 3 hours. Tonite it was 2. I hope I’m catching onto something….

My point? Take care. Do the best you can to pay attention to your body BEFORE it has to make more noise for you and lock you down.

I’ve been meditating, reciting my mantra, exercising, breathing, eating relatively well and drinking way too much wine and coffee which probably contributes to my shitty sleeping – and grinding of my teeth. Forgot to mention that. For the last 2.5 weeks the right side of my jaw hurt so much that I had pain putting my earbuds in. True story. Called sis in law dental hygienist, she told me to put my mouthguard in – much better, thank you.

Take the time to care. And don’t just do all the things you believe you’re supposed to do .. actually check in..

do you have pain?

are your shoulders up in your ears?

are you able to breathe into your belly?

how is your smile these days..?

how is your mind..?

when was the last time you had a glass of water?

is your hair falling out? mine used to break in half.

have you had some fun or a good belly laugh recently…?

time off from a workout…? I know. Eeeeek!

Here’s an article I found interesting about stress and gut health: How Stress Wreaks Havoc On Your Gut

Stress happens. Use it well. And don’t underestimate it. If left to manage your life on it’s own it will take over. Work as a team. Stress and I will be having a chat tonite.

As I post this, I’m working at getting back to some simple stuff – tea.

Getting 2 items off my to do list now that I’m mobile and can think again.

And taking my patient son for an ice cream. 🙂

I'm still killin it


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