Oh, my god, if there’s one thing you can do to help yourself get from A to B or C or wherever you’re wanting to go – decide.

I’ve heard it preached in various self help books/blogs/quotes and from my own experience I’m here to tell you – it’s true. Never in my life have things moved forward in the way that I want them to (challenges and all) than when I decide. What is it I decided? Glad you asked…

I decided all last December and all January that 2017 was going to be ‘my’ year. That I will be open to receiving and to working in order to get myself away from the life I’ve been living. This summer I remember saying to my mom (who has been saving my ass  through it all) more than once on the phone that I will NOT be in this position at this time next year. And when I decided.. I felt it. I was committed then and I am now. You HAVE to feel it or you won’t believe it. You HAVE to buy in to the idea of change and effort or your vision will fade – fast. And you’re left with a taste of what you want but not the resolve to get there.

A couple things that have helped me these last 8 months (besides deciding):

➙ DO THE WORK – my good friend and yoga teacher uses this phrase all the time. I witness it in her. I decided I want to do the work. However hard it is. However time consuming it is. Whatever it takes. I have narrowed down my priorities and I’m working. I’m gonna right this ship. My eye is on the prize of what my vision is and guess what…? Some of it isn’t happening like I thought maybe it would… it’s better! And I’m getting there….

➙ Eliminate the CAN’T – my business coach spoke of the word can’t in a workshop I was at one day. He explained that the mind absolutely STOPS looking for other options when you enter the word ‘can’t’. So … out with the can’t. It’s bullshit anyway. Just because a way isn’t visible to you in your mind does NOT mean it’s not there. If you’re going to play with variables, play with the when or the how… leave can’t where it belongs – in the garbage. Because you CAN.

➙ FIND YOUR TRIBE – love them hard. You may need to reorganize the people you spend time with. Once you figure out what it is you want, make the effort and time to find those  people who ‘get it’. The ones who believe in you. The ones who have already achieved some of what you’re after. The ones who are there to help lift you up, to hear you when you’re unsure, to support your ideas.. Find those people. They ARE your tribe, your posse, your team. Use them. And let them use you. To get ahead, feel safe and feel heard. You need support and you need community. Decide who is worth your time and who the crab is pulling you back into the bucket – give them a little kick and keep climbing up and out.

It’s amazing what a tiny shift in your mind can do. And it is tiny. There’s nothing monumental about choosing. The beauty is – you GET to…

You got this.



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