The Priority of Self Care

Where does self care fall in your list of ‘things to do’…?

By self care, I mean the things that you know fill your bucket. Mentally, spiritually, physically. Painting, exercise, writing, reading, bird watching…

My running buddy and I were chatting this morning and it occurred to me how many of us will attend to our chores or business or obligations first in order to free up time to tend to ourselves. What often ends up happening is that by the time we get to doing something for ourselves, we either are too tired, on to something else or have run out of time.

But what if we switched our priorities around…? What if we tended to our own heart and mind first and THEN proceeded to the chores, errands, work, obligations.

What if we actually booked time for ourselves. Whatever that looks like. 10 minutes, 30 minutes.. a whole hour…? Imagine feeling like you got a little slice of life JUST for you. Imagine that with that extra little bit of attention you’ve given yourself how much more content you will feel to move onto the rest of your day!

What if we made ourselves FIRST..? Does laundry really matter more than you? Really…? Schedule YOUR time and mean it. If you can keep a meeting or an appointment, you can keep a date with yourself. And only YOU can determine how valuable that date is. I challenge – that’s right I said challenge – you to identify and list your priorities and see where YOU sit on that list.

Then, if it’s applicable, determine how it is you’re going to make yourself more important in your life so that you can be more important in all the other things you do.

You really do matter and you really do deserve to feel that way. xx


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