Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Process

It seems so often that we’re in a hurry to get ‘here’ or ‘there’. Or that we’re looking to master that skill, finish that book, lose that weight or, in my case, finish that workout.

I was at the pool this week swimming lengths as part of training for the triathlon season I want to have next year. I was getting a little squished for time because I’m a pro at procrastination and got to the pool later than I wanted. As a result, I was super efficient in my workout. And super focused.

At one point during my swim I glanced underwater at the swimmers in the lane next to mine. Workout focus – disrupted. Enter – competitive mode…. oh dear.

Never mind that I’ve been nursing a shoulder injury and am slowly working my way through range of motion. Never mind that I’ve only started swimming again and am building overall strength and stamina. Never mind that I’m to be paying attention to my OWN body and my OWN speed….. oh, Jennifer……. Nope. My eyes latched onto another swimmer and the race was ON! Unbeknownst to the other swimmer – heh heh…..

So off I go racing against some poor unknowing swimmer in the lane next to mine. My mind game is simply to keep up to this person of whom I have NO idea about their … well… I couldn’t even tell if you if the swimmer was male or female now that I think of it! hahaha! Anyway… off I go, letting competition get the better of me. It doesn’t happen too often anymore as I age but it’s part of who I am and it does still happen.

The point for me at the pool is to just be there and to build a solid fitness foundation and habit from which to build. Not to get caught up in something that could potentially cause me more damage.

For whatever reason as I was ‘racing’, I remember clearly feeling the water slide over my skin… it totally caught my attention as it felt cool and smooth and absolutely lovely and alive.

That’s when I completely snapped out of it all. Even the workout. Realizing that simply being in the water was part of the process to getting where I want to go. And being in the water was simple and beautiful and all mine to enjoy. So that’s what I did. After finishing what I was supposed to do for workout, I took the time to just feel and observe the space and energy around me. The pleasure I felt surprised me and relaxed me. Apparently what I needed 😉

Regardless of where we’re going or how we’re planning to get there, all we ever have is what’s here now. May as well enjoy the ride – whatever that looks like – cause something tells me that’s all there ever really is…



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