This One’s On Me

September, where did you go?? Time seems to be moving so quickly right now.

As a result of learning how to run my business (there’s SO MUCH and I am NOT technical!), taking a counselling course, being a single mom to 4 kiddos, with 3 large fur beasts, triathlon training, leading the occasional yoga class and learning/managing several health issues that have surfaced this year NOT TO MENTION spending time with my own family when I can, socializing when I can, spending time with the man in my life and god forbid trying to read a fucking book for pleasure … I’m getting spent!


I’VE created this. Yup. And the best part is…?  I don’t see it as a shit storm. At all. I am in the process of making significant changes. I am learning my ass off in subjects I LOVE, I get to be creative and I get to connect with people and the best badass team! I am (slowly and with care) getting back into a strong fitness level and I’m learning more and more about what works for my body – not always loving THAT  – #impatient – but, hey… it’s good to know.

YES!! This learning part to my life will not go on forever as I could not keep up and I frankly don’t want to… forever… but for NOW…. BRING IT!


YES, I’m overwhelmed AND I am also proud of myself for taking these steps to make a difference in my life! The idea and TRUST is that learning and growing myself will also benefit my 4 kiddos, anyone in my circle and beyond..


I recognize that some things will temporarily change… there are FORTUNATELY only 24 hours in a day. I cannot make room for this new stuff without cutting down on some other stuff.

Text messages? I’ve dramatically reduced those and it’s helped a lot. I don’t watch TV anyway so that was easy. I walk my dogs less than I used to. I have less coffee dates and I seldom go out. Phones calls to catch up are super helpful for me however I find that timing is tough to sort out in terms of scheduling a call. We are all working at life. Is all of this ‘best’…? I have no idea.. but it’s serving me best right now and that’s what I need to focus on – WHAT WORKS BEST FOR ME.


As exciting as this all is FOR ME, I recognize and accept that with growth comes change. And change isn’t always comfortable or predictable. But if you let it, it will show you MORE in life and DAMN that’s what I’m after!!

At 47 years old, I have learned that … I’m just gonna keep learning! 🙂

AND at 47 years old, I’m ready to share and to connect and to show others that many of us have walked the same path.. and I understand what it’s like to be there and to get through it.

We get reminders now and then… tragically and horrifically, we were reminded again last nite. We do not know when our last day will be. Say what you need to say. Do that thing. Love and let yourself be loved. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Don’t miss your chance.

I’m going after my chance..



Much love .. especially today. xxx

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