Step Gratitude In Law

The ‘step’ is referring to my kids step mother. The ‘in law’ is referring to how the step mother and I relate to each other. If I remember correctly, it was HER mother Lisa who came up with wife-in-law for us.

This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving and with that all the things we are grateful for.

I am grateful for a MULTITUDE of things.. In fact, I can honestly say that I have a daily gratitude practice. It may be what helps me stay hopeful and generally optimistic… who knows..

This year and this month in particular, I am grateful for the relationship my ex-husbands wife and I try hard to have with one another. We try hard not because it’s difficult for us as women but because it’s important to us that we do. I believe she shares these thoughts with me and I’m sure between her and myself we could write a LOT more about the dynamics of step families and parenting but that’s another blog post… 😉

I know people on the outside like to look in and think we have a nice little thing going with this extended family of ours. And that’s good. The truth is that overall – we do. The truth also is we’ve hit bumps. Big ones. And I suspect we’ll hit more down the road.. We’re humans after all and it’s a relationship after all. Bumps happen. But what I notice at the end of the day is we ultimately seem to have one goal in mind and that is, can we all just fucking get along. Amen.

We run our homes and our lives and the kids differently AND we come from different generations. That’s not a bad thing but CAN make things challenging. But – not impossible.

Recently my ex-husband and his wife had the most adorable little girl… a sibling for my 4 kiddos.

I can honestly say that I am grateful to be included in this new little life. I love watching my own kiddos melt when they see her. It brings me so much happiness that I get to share in watching THEM share their love for her. And the babe absolutely adores her 4 older siblings. It’s also a marvel watching the bond that develops between mother and child.

I get my turn with the babe when I can and how awesome it is that I do! Today I hogged her as long as I could – even kept her from one of her sisters – but my arms gave out… not in the baby shape I used to be!

It’s like our own little tribe this little group of ours. And like with every tribe there are some internal battles. But like with every tribe we mostly know where we stand with each other and FOR each other – it’s honestly still a work in progress.. and I’m beginning to think the babe is the one in charge….. 😉


This is a photo taken today of most of our tribe… daughter 1, son and ex-husband/husband/dad are missing.

Life goes on. No one needs to understand it. I don’t even think WE understand it half the time….

Grateful that we try to though…






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