Chill Out

No, really…. I think we all need to chill out.

– I’m talking the day to day, folks. Not world news. That’s a different blog. –

It would seem that these days people are worried and stressed about shit that really will not change the trajectory of their lives.

There seems to be a constant pressure to appeal to the masses – pretty sure that’s not new but it sure as hell is just as irrelevant today as it was then. Say the right thing, ‘do’ the right thing, ‘be’ the right thing…

Who is it anyway that gets to declare what the right thing even IS??

What I’m also noticing is how many of us breathe a sigh of relief when person X performs in such a way that it lines up with OUR moral and ethical compass.

Umm… excuse me?? Since when does it make ANY difference in the longevity or the prosperity or the general fucking HAPPINESS of OUR lives just because of someone else?!

Ever give any thought to the fact that they might have a different compass and hence direction than you? As well… get out of their grill and back in your own.

No wonder people are walking around with their shoulders tucked firmly in their ears or looking over their shoulders or faking a smile… not only do we have ourselves that we’re trying to measure up to but we have the standards of others lurking around corners if not straight up in our faces.  #stress

And what about the people measuring their ability to relax based on how someone else conducts their life….? THOSE people too… CHILL. OUT.  #itsnotaboutyou

There are WAY too many suggestions, observations and even persuasions in front of us pointing out what we’re doing wrong. My goodness, I personally have had guilt about how I breathe some days! (no shit!) because I know how to breathe in a way that is healthier for me…. but is it not okay to just not do it right sometimes? That’s an actual question.

Why does everything have to be so RIGHT? WHO gets to decide what’s right? And who are we answering to anyway??

I think there is puh-lenty of critique out there telling us we aren’t enough of something or that we could work harder somewhere or that we should give this a little more time or that a little less time or if you do this then it means that and if you do that then it obviously means this. Holy hell. Chill. Out.

Yes. It may be true that we could pull up our socks some of the time. Yes, it may be true that we need a stark reality check to let us know where we are in our own lives.

And guess what…?

I suspect that in your own life, you are doing the best you can AND IF YOU’RE NOT, I suspect that’s no one else’s business and you will handle accordingly.

AND I’ll tell you this…

If we all could just take a moment to sit in our space and know that in that very moment everything is alright.

You’re okay, just where you’re at…. do it.. try it now…

Nothing is happening, is it…? and none of what I typed above even matters……

THAT… is chilling out.

High five to you and you and you and to me.


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