It’s been a good week. Challenging and tiring and fulfilling and surprising and … good. And it’s only Wednesday.

One word that has surfaced twice for me in the last 12 hours is ‘dare’.

That word got me thinking how much we tend to hold back. Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence, fear, resources…

All of the above…?

We want to say or do or BE the thing – and we even know how! but we hold back. We often turn our heads completely away so that we no longer have to even acknowledge the thing we aren’t daring to do.

As I age, I’ve been caring less about looking ‘stupid’. Caring ‘less’ is different than not caring at all – I’m human. And with less caring, I’ve been realizing how liberating it is to dare. EEK! Like… it’s actually working! Meaning that I dare and I gain what I was after OR I dare and it doesn’t work out. The way I see it is that it’s a win either way because I’m not sitting back and wishing… and wondering…..

I mean… at the end of the day, if it’s something we want, then isn’t it worth it to try and get it…? To dare?

Is it really worth it to make how we look or sound or how busy we are more important than those things we want for ourselves…?

The answer for me is a resounding NO.

I’m making small steps with all of this but – I’m making them.

It’s MY life and I don’t see the benefit of letting the possible mindset of others or the glorified busy schedule keeping me from how I want to live it.

Lack of resources or funds…? #findaway

Yes. You can.

This also comes with a readjusted mindset… What I mean by that is WHY, because someone else says it’s so… is it… so?

Marriage, raising children, health, fitness, spending, LIVING…

How do we get so caught up with the momentum of how everyone else says we should be that we forget that we already are… and in THAT we get to determine for ourselves how our lives should look… regardless if anyone agrees with it.

I don’t know… I suppose that turning away from what we truly want could be beneficial somehow…. but I just can’t see it.

So… I’m gonna keep going after what I want and encourage others to do the same.

Try it. Go for it.

DARE ya!

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