Your 24 hours

Sometimes I hear from people, ‘I wish I had the time to do that’.

You know what…? You DO.

I really wish people would knock off the idea that they can’t do some things due to the fact that the schedule THEY DESIGNED keeps them from the things they REALLY want to do.

2 things:

Do you REALLY want to do it…? or are you just trying to make yourself feel like you belong to a certain community by suggesting as such..

Do you REALLY feel like you have no control over how you fill your spaces on the calendar…. ? REALLY?

stop underestimating

First things first. We ALL have the same 24 hours in a day. We ALL are born with the capacity to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. You want something to happen like (in this case) fitness..? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Here’s the trick though, folks, and it sucks sometimes BUT… ya GOTTA let some other things go.

It’s as simple as that.


Me? Sure, I’ll tell you. To make time for ME, I take time from cleaning my house. I’ve made no secret about that. I take time from putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I take time from cooking a decent meal for my kids. I take time from walking my dogs. I take time from visiting my family or my friends. The thing is – I TAKE TIME.

Dirty dishes on my counter overnite (EEK!!!! I know, right???!) mean very little to me compared to getting proper rest for the next day. Which I don’t often get but I TRY.

I have the opportunity in my day to run or vacuum…. ummmmm…. run, thank you very much.

I often PLAN AHEAD so that when I leave the gym, I have my grocery list handy and can complete my grocery shopping in the same trip. Easy…? No, not always. Worth it? Yes. Always. Same concept applies for a coffee date with your mom or your friend.

So…. do you have time to do some of those things you really want to do…? The answer is – yes. You do.

The QUESTION is: What are you willing to give up in order to do those things…?

I know. It’s tough. Especially when you feel like you just can’t give anything up. The truth is – you can.

invest in yourself

Be reasonable with yourself. But please do not sell yourself and your abilities to think and choose short.

What do you truly value? And why aren’t you living by those values…?





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