I am just winding down a week of dialing back my regular activity from a 10 (often more) to a 4/5.

How blissful. No, really…

On my coaching calendar, it actually highlights the weeks without scheduling clients. Why? So that we as coaches (and humans) can rest and recover from the effort of maxed out days. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can not pour from an empty cup, after all.

This last week was mine to rejuvenate. I regularly give a lot of energy away as a mom, as a student, as a coach and as an athlete… and.. let’s be truthful.. we all have even more going on.. many of us are homeowners, pet owners, caregivers, volunteers, partners…

I limited myself in many ways. In fact, I don’t feel that I was ‘limited’ so much as ‘defending my space’.

I rescheduled coffee dates. I ended up rescheduling my workouts due to a Monday injury (interesting cosmic touch there – hmmm… ). I didn’t book any social time. I hardly used my phone for messaging or for phones calls to catch up with my incredibly supportive and patient friends.

I DID nap! I didn’t get up before 6.45am on any morning. I read a lot. I did make it to the pool and enjoyed the slow pace of my swim. I did drink my coffee and took great pleasure in doing so. I did attend my twice monthly breakfast group meeting. I did attend a half day very informative workshop. And I DID manage a coffee date and one work phone call. At my pace. At my doing. And setting the tone of the week allowed me the luxury of not feeling rushed – and instead feeling R E L A X E D, thank you very much.

So … how do we make time (not necessarily the whole week, though I HIGHLY recommend it) to schedule space? How do we make sure we keep the commitment to ourselves…?

It’s not a difficult formula. We NEED to put AT LEAST the same value on recovery as we do on hustling, on filling our calendars with kids activities, on booking social time, on working out.

We, as a culture, are so mindlessly chewing on ‘busy’ that many of us don’t even know how to be any other way.

We VALUE busy. And any sort of rest is looked upon as ‘lazy’ or ‘unproductive’.

thich nhat hahn








It’s time to change that mindset. No, really.

If your mantra is ‘I wish I had time for that’ then you need to change it to ‘I will make time for that’. Or I would argue it isn’t truly what you wish. And that’s okay. But let’s be real here. We all have the same 24 hours. And we all have the freedom to choose how we use our time.

Once you decide to make time and space for yourself..? Defend that turf with all your might. Do not let anything in there. Reschedule, redirect and rethink your way around any invaders. You can do it!

I can tell you while sitting here at my laptop with a glass of red at my side that this week has been heavenly. It has been worth my effort going in to defend my space, state my boundaries and remind myself that this week belongs to ME, my recovery and my calm.

And now I feel more full so that I can give of myself wholly to the life I want to live – for myself and for others.

I hope you find the desire and the time to choose even a day for YOU.




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