You’re Doing a Good Job

Ever just want to hear that…?

‘You’re doing a good job’.

I have been craving those words. I find that as a mom, a dog owner, student and an entrepreneur it’s so easy forget that we’re doing something right. Our job is to learn on our own what works well in the systems of our lives.

It’s not like our kids say ‘hey.. good job!’.. the dogs certainly don’t say it (well, I don’t think they do. What I actually think they would say if they could is ‘WHY don’t you feed us more often???’ …

I don’t expect my clients to say it although I do expect for me to deliver a good job to them and for them.

I don’t think I’m looking for sympathy and I’m not into pity parties.

But sometimes, damn it, it would be nice to hear – GOOD JOB!

For me the first step to getting to hear it was to say it to myself. I think I could actually improve my own skill set when it comes to praising myself. And I kinda like hearing it from me. It was good practice to think it, deliver it and receive it. Gonna keep that up!

The second thing I did was simply ask to hear it from someone I trust. Someone that wouldn’t say it to patronize me but someone that would understand my need and grant me those two words out of true caring and honesty. Damn that was nice!

Lastly, I think that when we are aware that we often won’t hear those two beautiful words, we need to find other ways to understand that we’re doing a ‘good job’.

For me, it’s when my kids come to talk with me – or even with each other. I love that feeling of trust and comfort they have. As a parent – good job! When my dogs are resting comfortably on their beds after having been walked and fed. The little shits are NOT trying to raid a garbage or a counter top after a nice walk, so for me – good job! I take pleasure looking around my home after I’ve cleaned it. I actually take time to stand still and scan and smile and tell myself – good job! When I catch up on my work or my reading for my class or when I’ve made time to meditate and it settles me or when I finally get a chore done that I’ve been putting off for days (okay, actually weeks) – I always pause, notice and feel pride in my effort.

While I do my best to recognize my own efforts, it’s still really nice to hear it from outside my own mind. And at this point I truly don’t mind asking to hear it. 😉

So to anyone and everyone that might like to hear it too – you’re doing a GOOD JOB!

My wish is that someone tells you GOOD JOB sometime this month or at the very least you see it in yourself..


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