Living Perpetually Unsafe

Today I went for my twice weekly run. It was mid afternoon in the big provincial park close to my home.

It’s a gorgeous run along the river and I knew that given the time of day and the weather, there would be several people out. And there were.

I usually will bring my earbuds and I most often will leave one earbud out. Why? So that I can hear if someone gets close to me – potentially with intentions that aren’t good. People (women) have been attacked during their runs and I understand (and am angered by) that but it got me thinking… Fuck. Well, what ARE we allowed to do…? I just want to listen to my music. LOUD actually and with both earbuds in but… it isn’t safe.

I will sometimes run with my phone tucked in my sports bra. But I’m not supposed to because that can supposedly cause breast cancer. Not safe.

Let’s see… drink lots of water every day. But not TOO much water. Not safe.

Eat your greens… but not THOSE greens. Not safe.

Exercise… but be careful not to OVER exercise.. and god forbid you don’t exercise enough! Not safe.

Indulge yourself every now and then! Moderation is KEY! But EEK! Don’t indulge THAT much! – could be harmful… Not safe.

TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! But not THOSE vitamins and certainly not with that food. Actually, do you even NEED vitamins…? Maybe you should just eat more vegetables… but cook them this way, not that way… Not safe.

Don’t forget to get out in the sun! We need the sun! But WHOA it’s noon! What’s the matter with you? Get out of the sun!! NOT SAFE!!

While you’re out there in the sun getting healthy/unhealthy, don’t forget this sunscreen but it can’t be THAT sunscreen because THAT sunscreen will cause you to grow a third eye and well, we know THAT can’t be good! Or maybe….. hmmmmm…..

Get the point?
Everybody has some damn opinion about what is right or what is wrong. What is healthy vs what is unhealthy. What works and what doesn’t AND these opinions often come from ‘FACTS’ that it would seem even physicians and ‘experts’ can’t agree on!

So.. first off.. when seeking advice, do your own research and REMEMBER that you will always, ALWAYS find exactly what you need to support your fears or your convictions. So research with the intent to learn.

Second.. l i s t e n…

Listen to what feels right for you.

How do you do that…? You will likely need to first quiet and soothe your racing mind and heart. From there just start noticing how your body feels.. every joint, every muscle.. are you warm? cold? tight? relaxed? are you breathing??

Keep coming back to this listening.. it’s slow.. there’s no rush. Let the body feel safe. We tend to get so busy in our thoughts and lives that though our bodies are screaming at us – we just can’t hear.

So listen. It can take some time.

Then? Take action. Whatever isn’t working for you or helping you..? Get rid of that shit. If you need some help or support in the form of supplements, fitness, knowledge… go find that help/support.

Taking action INCLUDES living like YOU want to live..

Today I popped both those earbuds in and trusted. I also swivelled my head from time to time but I felt relaxed and like I could enjoy my run. Ironically, I took my earbuds out toward the end of the run because I wanted to hear the crunch of the fresh snow under my feet 🙂

There really are no rules.

I’ve found that trust comes in handy.

I’ve learned to learn.

I understand how limited we CAN be when we decide to live by the thoughts, opinions and ‘facts’ of others.

I believe that our OWN thoughts, opinions and ‘facts’ are of equal if not MORE value than anyone else’s.

Be yourself.

Just like that. xxx



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