I’m not πŸ’― certain that a public format is the best way to share a health update. However, I know that repeating my news over and over again is getting taxing on me. I know it’s not everyone’s business or interest…Β  I also know that I have a lot of people who love me and are concerned.

In addition, I kinda want to bring this to the table as a reminder that no one is immune.

And lastly, as my good friend recently told me, this is my own journey and I get to do it my way and be proud of it. πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

Last Friday I was told I have cancer. Cervical to be specific.

Backing up to December, I was told I had cancer cells in my cervix. I THOUGHT I had non invasive cells. My onco gynecologist corrected me and told me they are PRE invasive cancer cells. Oh.

Fast forward to the cone biopsy I had recently and my surgeon calling me last Friday morning to let me know I indeed have cancer.

Well, ‘that was fast’, I tell her. They went from pre invasive to invasive in between biopsies? She let me know that a biopsy is only a small piece of the puzzle. The cells didn’t change in that time. We just didn’t have a large enough piece of the puzzle which was the purpose of the cone biopsy… still with me…?

Going forward, ➑️ I am scheduled for an MRI and a CT scan. They’re soon so I feel relieved about that. With those scans my surgeon will better be able to determine where and how much cancer is in my body.

Following those appointments, I meet with my surgeon to determine what exactly surgery will look like and any necessary follow up treatment.

Last weekend I was alone (which I preferred) to be with my thoughts and body. I was sad. Nervous. Frustrated. Impatient. And then sort of accepting. I’m actually still accepting more every day.

My kids, my family, my boyfriend and my close friends have been right up front and centre for me. I know I’m not having to do this by myself and am extremely grateful for that. My dogs just care about getting fed and walked so they keep it pretty real in this house.Β  πŸ˜‰

I’m amazed at how quickly my mindset went to healing my body. In that, I have no issue (NOW) dropping anything less important than my body and my state of mind. I thought I was decent at doing it before. And maybe I was.. but being here now I see that I had room – lots of room actually – to improve.

And so that’s what I’m doing. Making space for me to heal and recover. Before going into surgery and for after. My pace is slower (other than forgetting EVERYTHING before I leave my house, which makes me have to hunt for things, which makes me late.. πŸ™„), I feel calmer with each day going into this and I’m grateful for the clarity of seeing myself and the opportunity of time to make some changes.

My health team has grown to include my onco/gyn surgeon and her awesome nursing staff, a doctor I feel safe with, a naturopathic oncologist and of course my triathlon coach as I’m running straight into this!

And since health is much more than physical, I am more grateful than EVER for my fellow counselling students! πŸ™πŸ½

I intend for my weeks to mostly look as they usually do. Some clients, some school, the occasional meeting, fitness and NAPS!! with some visits to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre to make sure that cancer understands it isn’t welcome to stay. βœ‹πŸ½

**Though this is public and they are informed, out of respect for my 4 kiddos, please give them their space. They’re smart and they have enough on their plate and I promise that we are supporting and loving them. If they need someone to talk to, they will ask for it. ❀️

I will leave you with this:

THANK YOU for taking the time to read and taking the time to care. πŸ’ž



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