So, the date today is May 2.

Exactly 11 weeks after my surgery.

I’m still healing though I have energy and some strength back.

I’ve been trying to continue my triathlon workouts but as it turns out they are just too much for my body right now. I was having some bleeding, bloating and lots of pain.

It has settled down but I got the message loud and clear.

I cancelled my Y membership and my tri coach – for now. Then, being the type A that I am, I thought I would get back to crossfit… the only reason I had stopped crossfit was because of a couple of injuries that are now all cleared up so – why not?? You can always modify, right…?

Well, yes. But there is also cost. I am spending a lot of money these days trying to get my health back on track AND I have access to my work fitness SOOOOO….. that’s what I’ve been doing – for the purpose of fitness but also so that I can talk from experience about the various classes and instructors we have!

For now I’m back at yoga AND I went for my second spin class EVER and it was UH-mazing!!

Here’s the thing … as much as I wanted to in that spin class, I couldn’t go to my max effort. Actually I COULD have… but I really want to recover from surgery so…

Each time we were told to go for it, I had to NOT go for it. And it sucked.

I had to deal with my ego telling me ‘you can do much more!’ and then I had to tell myself ‘it’s not time’.

As the last track played, I cried a little to myself. Mostly frustrated and partly proud of myself.

I’m an athlete at heart and as an athlete I like to GO when the time is right. Also, as an athlete, I’m to know when the time is right – and now is not the right time.

Healing from this surgery has, all in all, been a very positive experience and I feel I am very lucky to be where I am today.


Regardless of how well healing goes, it does not come without setbacks and lessons.

It took discipline today for me to cater to what my body needs and not what my mind wants. That being said, I have great respect for those spinners!! It’s NOT an easy class and it sure is fun!!

It’s good to know limits – as an athlete and as a human functioning in everyday life. It’s in the knowing that you can decide to stay within or bust through!

I stay within mine when it’s applicable – like recovering from a major surgery… but for the most part, I like to play on the OTHER side – cause THAT’S where change happens!!

You decide 😉



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