The Effort to Balance

What a week. What a year. What a life!!

It’s funny as I notice I am always trying to balance. You too?

Balance 2

And once I get it, I have it… only for a short time though as something else seems to tip me the other way.

It’s entertaining and humorous at best.. frustrating and maddening the rest of the time.

What, really, can I do but observe and continue to participate..

I’ve come to discover, for me, that balance is simply something to strive for. It is never something meant to maintain.

What would be the point then if we weren’t swinging left to right.. to upright… to left to right…? How uneventful would life be… ?

I envision myself a ship on the water… the waves rise and my ship is tossed from port to starboard .. and then back again all the while I try to right it and sail on. This is my life.

The only thing I feel I can do is look for markers. For something to tell me that I’m on the right path. Most often this is my intuition. My gut telling me where to go.

In the mountains and on the trails we call these markers ‘cairns’. Such beauty it is to see a cairn when you become a little unsure. Such comfort it is to continue along with the feeling that even though the destination is unclear.. the path feels familiar and someone tells you they’ve been there already. It’s okay.


So, as I flop about from side to side – always trying to get upright and occasionally doing so, it occurs to me that balance is not quite the point.

The point is what we learn as we right our ships… the point is all the things we see and feel while searching for our cairns..

To be straight and tall in the water would appear to be smooth sailing..

But it would appear that smooth sailing can only come from flopping side to side.


You can’t be a smooth sailor if you’ve never had to strive for balance.

Seems to me I’m gonna be a very smooth sailor.


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